Music equipment at the Monday & Tuesday Jam-Pact jam sessions

A jam for all music styles - Rock, Blues, Funk, R'n'B, Reggae, Classic Pop & more

As we are always being asked about what PA, amplification and drums we use, here is a breakdown of the music equipment we usually have at the jam. If you are after advice on musical instrument or equipment choices, check out music-gear.co.uk where you'll find all sorts of useful info.
In terms of where to get your gear from, Andertons music store in Guildford have been very helpful in supplying equipment for our jam sessions, so we'd recommend them if you're looking to make a purchase. As well as the large store in Guildford, they have a comprehensive website, so you can order from anywhere in the country - their in-store prices are the same as their website prices too!

PA Speakers, Mixer & Microphones

PA cabs & monitoring
We use 3 x Quest QSA 400 active PA cabs (400 watt, 1 x 15" + 1.25" HF compression driver), and a JBL EON 515 (450 watt, 1 x 15" + 1.25" HF compression driver). Quest is not a well known brand in the UK, but is a major player in the southern hemisphere and some European countries, it is comparable to top-end brands such as EV and JBL in quality. The combination we use depends on the nature of the gig and the venue size.
2 x Shure SM58, 1 x Shure SM57 and 1 x AKG D112 bass drum mic.
Behringer Eurorack UB1832FX-PRO with on-board digital effects and graphic equalizer.

Guitar Amplification

One of the guitar amps depends on who is fronting the jam on a particular night as the fronting artist usually brings their own amp with them, which means it's usually something rather nice : ). We also have two guitar amps we bring to the jam sessions.
One is a Laney LC30-II, (30 watt, class A all valve, two channel, reverb, 1 x 12" Celestion speaker), the other is an upgraded Laney LC15R (15 watt, class A/B all valve, single channel, reverb, upgraded to 1 x 10" Celestion G10 Vintage speaker) that we use for smaller venues and as a back-up.
Both Laney's were very favourably supplied by Memphis Music in Ashley Road, Hampton - mention Jam-Pact when you go there and they will be very nice to you too!
(If anyone would like to donate or sponsor a second 30 watt valve combo, that would be nice : D )

Bass Guitar Amplification

Bass Amp Head
Markbass Little Mark II, 300/500 watts into 8/4 Ohms, very favourably supplied by Andertons Music Store in Woodbridge Road, Guildford.
Bass Speaker Cabs
1 x Markbass Traveller 102P (400 watt, 2 x 10" + Piezo HF driver) and 1 x Markbass Traveller 151P (400 watt, 1 x 15" + Piezo HF driver).

Drums & Cymbals

Drum Kit
There are a number of kits used for the Monday jam, all are top-end kits, usually from Yamaha or Premier.
A mixture of Zildjian, Paiste and Sabian.

Stage Lighting

PAR Cans
4 x LED PAR 56's giving fading colour washes and sound-to-light changes. Virtually no heat output and only 20 watts each!
We are looking to upgrade some of this in the near future so some of this may change.
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Get free buying advice and information about a range musical instruments & equipment too!!
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